Wine Tasting 2015 Pas Ordinaire Saint-Chinian Blend

One of the first wines I tasted from my wine club was the 2015 Pas ordinaries Saint-Chinian Blend red wine.  I fell in love with it.  Here is what the WineC site says about it.
An anything-but-ordinary, all-natural red made from the Languedoc’s classic blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Carignane. Take it straight from the maker — Pas Ordinaire is "rugged, pure, and exhilarating.

I have served this wine with a couple of different dishes.  They suggest it be served with stews and braised meats.  The also recommend lamb, cassoulet, stuffed eggplant, Camembert.  The recipe that came with the wine as a suggested pairing was French Inspired Cheese Fondue.  
I found it went well with pizza....
 ....and with Chicken Marsala

They said it smells like white pepper, mint, redcurrent, raspberry, and rhubarb.  When I did my tasting the best description I could come with as far as aroma was "fruit":-)

On the palate they describe spices, herbs, lavender, and soft tannins with a peppery finish.    My description was fruit:-)  Granted I have a lot to learn!

If I had a million dollars I would take a trip to the location of origin of this wonderful wine.  That means I would be going to France.  Saint-Chinian, France.  Lets go....
We would fly into Beziers, a 30 minute drive from our hotel Chateau Les Carrasses.
(Photos from their site)

And look there is a castle near by....
Yes, you are right I can't afford to go to France but I can pretend and I can pretend while sipping a delicious glass of 2015 Pas ordinaries Saint Chinian Blend wine:-)

Happy wine tasting and travel even if it is dream travel


  1. The art on the label is amazing. I've just never had the pallet to really enjoy wine, but I love a good label.


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