Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY

While I was with the Road Scholars in NY we spent time at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning.  What an amazing place.  The history of glass is something that I had never really thought about.  The wealth of information you will find at this museum is quite interesting.  So much to learn and see. Below are my photos and some tidbits from their website.

"You can explore every facet of glass at The Corning Museum of Glass. See more than 35 centuries of glass artistry in the galleries, explore glass innovations in our hands-on science and technology area, and watch live glass demos"

"The concept seems so simple. How much can you say about glass? Actually, quite a lot. Glass is a versatile, ancient material that is still being explored and understood by artists, scientists, and historians today. The story of glass is a story about art, history, culture, technology, science, craft and design. And we tell that story at The Corning Museum of Glass."

 "The Corning Museum of Glass actively researches, publishes, and provides lectures about a broad range of glass topics."

Another wonderful day with the Road Scholars.  If you find yourself in upstate NY I suggest you visit the museum.  It is worth the trip.
Happy Travels Everyone!


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