My 4 Book Reading Wrap-up and Review July 2019

Welcome to a four-book reading wrap-up.  
This is where I will be doing a mini-review of four of my just read books.  Let's get started...
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Lets take a look at the books.
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Here is a scale on how I rate my books.
For me, the flow of the book is very important.

Down the Nile
Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff
by Rosemary Mahoney
268 Pages
Good Reads gave it 3.6 stars.
Genre-Travel,nonfiction, Egypt, autobiography...
Quote from the book,

"Travel does not make one cheerful" Flaubert wrote during one of his depressions on the Nile. Travel never makes one cheerful.  but it makes one thoughtful.  
It washes one's eyes and clears away the dust."
Page 268

From the book jacket
"When Rosemary Mahoney, in 1998, took a solo trip down the Nile in a seven-foot rowboat, she discovered modern Egypt for herself. As a rower, she faced crocodiles and testy river currents; as a female, she confronted deeply-held beliefs about foreign women while cautiously remaining open to genuine friendship; and, as a traveler, she experienced events 
that ranged from the humorous to the hair-raising."

The author had a goal. Her goal was to row the 120 mile stretch between two cities in Egypt, Aswan, and Oena.

She was an experienced rower and she wanted to experience a trip down a portion of the Nile.
She spends much of her time describing her attempt to procure a boat.  The culture in Egypt was one that did not lend itself to allowing women to row alone.  She had to worry about judgment not only from the local people but also the law.  She had to be a bit sneaky to accomplish her goal. Fortunately, with much perseverance, she was able to find some help from a few open-minded locals. 

She talks about the heat she experienced in Egypt.  She voiced to a hotel manager in regard to the weather "it's hot" his comment was "it is only the beginning of hot". The city of Aswan is rated as one of the hottest places in the world.

She does a great job describing the waters of the Nile, the Egyptian people and their culture, the weather and the landscape which at times is beautiful and other times "dumpy with piles of trash.."

I loved the way she weaved much of Nile history with writings of historical figures that have cruised the Nile.  She would skip back and forth from her current adventure to quotes from people, such as Florence Nightingale, who also cruised the Nile.

This trip would not have been possible without Rosemary's tenacity, determination, and sheer bravery.

Would I want to do this?
No thank you:-)

I gave this book 4/5 stars on my reading scale.
The flow of the book I gave a 1/3, it is an easy read. 
Hello Sunshine
Laura Dave
242 pages
Genre- Fiction, Women's Fiction, Chick Lit
This book received 3.42 stars on Good Reads
Quote from the book

"That was one thing about lying.  You got used to it, and it was what you did."
Page 167

From the book cover...
"Sunshine Mackenzie has it all…until her secrets come to light. Sunshine is living the dream—she’s a culinary star with millions of fans, a line of #1 bestselling cookbooks, and a devoted husband happy to support her every endeavor. Sunshine Mackenzie has it all…until she gets hacked.

When Sunshine’s secrets are revealed, her fall from grace is catastrophic. She loses her husband, her show, the fans, and her apartment. She’s forced to return to the childhood home—and the estranged sister—she’s tried hard to forget. But what Sunshine does amid the ashes of her own destruction may well save her life."

This was not my favorite book.  It is an easy read but I tired of all the lies.  Even after her false life was exposed she continues to lie.  Things do turn around for her but I was not crazy about her character.  Lies, cheating, and more lies. As far as character development I did not connect with anyone in the book.

I would give this a 2.5/5 on my reading scale
As far as flow I give it a good flow score.  

Silent Patient
Alex Michaelides
323 Pages
Genre-Thriller, Mystery, Fiction
4.05/5 Stars on Good Reads
Quote from the book cover...
"Alicia Berenson’s life is seemingly perfect. A famous painter married to an in-demand fashion photographer, she lives in a grand house with big windows overlooking a park in one of London’s most desirable areas. One evening her husband Gabriel returns home late from a fashion shoot, and Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks another word."

I was impressed with the character development in this book.  You think you know who you like and who you don't like but there are many twists and turns.  Alicia is in a mental hospital charged with shooting and killing her husband.  Since the murder Alicia has not spoken a word, she is silent. Along comes a criminal psychotherapist name Theo. Theo is determined to help Alicia speak again with the hopes of finding out the truth behind the murder.  
There are many twists and turns and a surprise at the end that I did not see coming.
This book is an easy read due to the flow of the writing.  It is slow at times but at the end, I found myself not wanting to put it down.  
I gave this book a 3.75/5 on my reading scale.
It is worth the read. 

Even Monsters Need Haircuts
Matthew McElligott

A Children's Book
Good Reads Rating is 4.09/5
32 pages
Genre-Children's, Picture Book, Halloween, Humor.

Here is a quote from the book jacket...

"Just before midnight, on the night of a full moon, a young barber stays out past his bedtime to go to work. Although his customers are mostly regulars, they are anything but normal--after all, even monsters need haircuts. Business is steady all night, and this barber is prepared for anything with his scissors, rotting tonic, horn polish, and stink wax. It's a tough job, but someone's got to help these creatures maintain their ghoulish good looks."

I love this book.  I probably love it because my grandkids love it.  The illustrations are quirky and fun.  The characters are a delight.  The humor is spot on.  Favorite character according to my grandkids is Vlad, he is a bat. The last line pulls the entire book together in a creative way.  
Wonderful children's book.
I give it a 4.5/5 on my reading scale.
What are you reading?

Happy Reading Everyone!
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