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My "Authentic Books" Adventure-The Lost Apothecary

I am so excited that I received my first Authentic Book Subscription Box .   I have already read the book, but I was excited to see how it would enhance my reading experience. Let's jump in... Below is my YouTube video of the experience. ☠☠☠ The book for this month was The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner.  Along with the book came a bookmark.  If you know me, you know, I love bookmarks. You will also find a note from the author that gives you a brief overview of the book. ☠☠☠ I thought I would start with the playlist I found in my box.  Since I have already read the book, it made sense to me that I would understand how the music fit with the book.  If I had not read the book, I would probably listen to the music after reading the book. There are over two hours of music on this list.  It was fun to listen to the music.  I listened to many songs.  I focused on the lyrics to attempt to find the song's connection to the book. I picked out a couple of songs that I liked *Lose You to

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