Morning Motivation Proverbs 3:5-6

"Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.  In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your path." Proverbs 3:5-6 AMP

"Trust in the Lord, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind..." I don't know how many times a day I say "help me, Lord" but it is many, and that one little sentence has become my new mantra.   When I call out to God in this way, it means I have no idea where He is taking me, but I want to remain in God's will and need His guidance.
"...and do not rely on your own insight or understanding." At times, even before I realize it, I have ventured out based on my limited understanding.  These times I have allowed myself to be directed by my flawed concept of understanding are the times that usually do not result in the best outcome.  This is when I know I need to return …

I Went Out In Search of a Man....A Snowman

I don't know exactly how much snow came down in our area of NC yesterday,  I have heard anywhere from 4"-12".  I think we probably had around 8 inches here in Cary.  The snow on the ground today is the most snow accumulation I have seen in a very long time here in the south, and it is beautiful.
I decided to head out for a walk and search for a man...a snowman.  Please join me on my search...
I found a few snowmen in the neighborhood....
A lovely snow couple.
This one made me smile.

"Sometimes I think my snowman is giving me the cold shoulder  but I can turn things around and melt his heart with a warm smile"
If you were lucky enough to have snow in your area be sure and take some photos. I would love to see them. Have a great day! KathieyV:-) (If you would like to buy me a cup of hot chocolate check out my GoFundMe page.  Thanks:-)

A Few Things to do in North Carolina this Weekend Jan 17-21, 2018

Time to start planning your weekend.  Here are just a few things to do in NC this weekend....
*Jan 19 Joshua Lozoff is performing his magic at the Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville NC
*Through Jan 21 you can see Inspiring Beauty at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh NC
I had the opportunity to go and here is one of my photos...
*Jan 20 (rain date is Jan 27) is the Conservators Center Tree Toss in Burlington NC
(My grandson and I will be there:-)
*Jan 20 is an Evening with the Al Williams Band in Youngsville NC
*Jan 20 there is a Revolutionary War Reenactment in High Point NC
*Jan 19 is Third Friday in Durham NC
Let's not forget all those fun daily holidays...

Jan 17-Popeye Day
Jan 18-Winnie the Pooh Day
Jan 19-Popcorn Day
Jan 20- National Cheese Lovers Day and I love cheese:-)
Jan 21-National Hugging Day
Jan 22- National Blonde Brownie Day
Jan 23-National Pie Day

I do go to an area event last week.  The Inspiring Beauty Exhibit at the NCMA in Raleigh.  Follow the link to my blog post.

As usua…

NCMA Exhibit: Inspiring Beauty 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair

We have a fantastic museum here in North Carolina.  The North Carolina Museum of Art or for short NCMA, in Raleigh NC. I went with a Meetup group to an exhibit called Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair. It is a beautiful and inspiring exhibit, and if you get a chance, I suggest you attend.  Here are a few photos from the event....
I love the detail in this dress.  Beautiful!

At the end of the event, they have a virtual fitting room.   Here you can scroll through and virtually try on several of the fashion items.   Such fun! Take advantage of the offerings of the museums in your area.   There is so much to see, do, and learn. Happy Travels and Adventures! KathieyV (If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee for my blogging efforts you can go to my  GoFundMe Page:-)

Morning Motivation; Healing From Divorce by Tony Evans

Words of encouragement from Tony Evans.  This short video needs no commentary, it speaks lovingly for itself.

God Bless,

A Few Things to do in North Carolina This Weekend Jan 10 -14, 2018

Time to start planning your weekend.  Here are just a few things to do in NC this weekend....
*Jan 13-14 is Repticon at the fairgrounds in Raleigh NC

*Jan 14 is Ballroom Brunch at the Mayton Inn in Cary NC.  I would love to go to this!
*Jan 13-15 is The City of Oaks Volleyball Challenge in Raleigh NC
*Jan 14 is the final night for the Chinese Lantern Festival in Cary NC. *Jan 12-14 you can attend the Big Band Weekend at Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC *Jan 13 is the 153rd Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher in Kure Beach NC
Let's not forget all those fun daily holidays...
Jan 10-National Take the Stairs Day
Jan 11-National Milk Day
Jan 12-Kiss a Ginger Day
Jan 13- National Pharmacist Day
Jan 14-Dress Up Your Pet Day
Jan 15-National Hat Day
Jan 16-Appreciate a Dragon Day
As usual guys you need to check all event websites to verify times and pricing.  I can't guarantee anything.  All photos are from the promotional event websites.   Whatever you decide to do have a great t…

The South Academy Street Mural in Cary North Carolina

As you know, I love murals.  I found this one on South Academy Street in Cary North Carolina.  I searched and searched to find the history behind this painting, but I had no luck.  In lieu of the history of the mural, I will give you a couple of historical notes from Wikipedia 
"In 1750, Cary began as a settlement called Bradford's Ordinary.
Allison Francis "Frank" Page is credited with founding the town.  Page was a Wake County farmer and lumberman."
Happy Travels! KathieyV