Buoy Bowls Adventure

For weeks all my daughter, Stephanie,  has talked about is Buoy Bowls.  She would go on about how wonderful they were.  She would stalk them to find out where they would be on what felt like a daily basis.  I finally gave in and said "Ok, I want to give them a try".  So off we went and I was not disappointed. They were amazing.
You will see quotes from their website in purple print, to match their truck:-)

"Buoy Bowls is the end result of an obsession with Acai Bowls 
that first started on a surf trip to San Diego, California in 2005."
"...he discovered the Acai Bowl- a bowl of frozen purred acai berries topped 
with a variety of fresh fruit and honey. It was absolutely love at first bite!"

"Our acai bowls and smoothies are made using the freshest organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible."

As you can see Maggie loves them too...
My favorite was the Surfs Up Bowl.  Chocolatey fruity goodness in a bowl.  
If you live in the Raleigh Durham area you should check them out.
Buoy Bowl Schedule.  If you go let me know what you choose and how much you love it.
Happy Travels and Adventures.


  1. I've never tried these before!

    1. Really yummy...if you get a chance give it a try:-)

  2. This sounds like heaven! I've tried acai bowls before, and they are truly delicious! My best friend lives in the Raleigh-Durham area, so I'm sending this to her so she can go try it out! And next time I'm up there visiting, she'll have to take me!

  3. These look so yummy! Never heard of them before.

    1. Hi Helen, I had not either until my daughter introduced them to me. Really good:-)


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