Weekend Reading and Watching for Dec 14, 2018 plus links to my YouTube posts.

This weeks Readings and Watchings are all about...
Everything Holiday

 Fun Christmas traditions in all the states.
I did not know it was tradition in my state of NC for Santa to rappel down Chimney Rock.
Be careful Santa!

One of my traditional favorites is Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks.
One drink they seemed to love is the Red Velvet Hot Cocoa.  This can be found at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  Sadly they are not in my state, but it sounds amazing!

So many lovely drinks.  Right now I would love the Spiked Hot Chocolate.

This is a 7 day house cleaning plan.  
I may try it but it may take more time then they have allowed:-)

Holiday Videos

My YouTube Channel Links
Kathiey's World on YouTube

Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!
Have a wonderful weekend.


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