Happy October! What is on your October List Of Fun Things to do? Here is Mine.

I love fall!  It is Oct 2nd here in NC.  Does it feel like fall?  Only if you get up to walk your dog at 5:30 in the morning.  Then it feels lovely outside and I can pretend the hot, humid, summer weather is behind me.  I soon realize that is not the case.  According to the weather person it is going to be in the upper 80's this week. Ugggg!  I am not a summer person.  That being said I know the nice weather will eventually come so let's get stated with some fun fall activities.  Here are a few things I would love to do this month.  I better get started.
I plan to accomplish as much as I can on the list and then do a post on the experience.
What is on you October to do list?  
I would love to know.  
Leave me a comment in the comment box below.
Happy October Everyone!


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