Weekend Reading Links and Video Links- How Much Should You Tip Your Food Delivery Person?

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📰Food News Links📰
*What is your usual tip for the food delivery person?
According to this article it should be at least $5.00 per delivery no matter how much the cost of the meal.
What do you usually tip?

*There has been a marriage between Mayo and Ketchup and they have created "Mayochup"
I have combined mayo and ketchup many times so I may like this!

*Have you ever had canned wine?  I have and I totally enjoyed it.
Better Homes and Gardens has an article you should check out...

📹Related video links for you to enjoy📹
I am going to start looking for canned wine.

I wonder if Harris Teeter is carrying this yet?  I will look next time I go.

I usually pick up my pizza. Is it customary to leave a tip when you pick up the pizza?

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