Graze Subscription Box Review and Link to My Unboxing at Kathiey's World on YouTube

It is so much fun to try out new subscription boxes.  
When I received Graze in the mail I thought it would be fun to have some guest unboxers. 
My daughter Stephanie and my grandson Caleb were the first to open the box. 

You can watch the official unboxing on my YouTube Channel,
My box contained four snack options....
*Sweet Mustard Ranch-"Roasted sour cream and onion cashews, mustard breadsticks and crunchy poppyseed pretzels." 130 calories.

*Anytime Energizer-"One of our nutritionist's favorites - dried sour cherries, soft dried pear slices and California walnuts." 150 calories

*Peanut Butter and Jelly-"baked salted peanuts, strawberry fruit drops, raspberry strings, vanilla fudge." ? Calories?

*Snickerdoodle Dip with Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks-"cinnamon pretzel sticks with a snickerdoodle cookie dip." 150 Calories
Here is a quote from their site...

Looking for yummy, nutritious snacks for busy days? 

Welcome to Graze.

 We're reimagining the way you snack with over 100 graze ideas you can feel good about.

I think this box would be perfect for the health conscious snacker.  As you can see on Caleb's face below, this box does not appeal to the child snacker:-)
Caleb bored with the snacks is playing with his cup.
Caleb still looks perplexed but he smells sugar, and this has piqued his interest.

Graze is not the box for me.  I am not saying it is a bad box.  As I would tell my kids and now grandkids "everyone likes different things and that is ok."
I don't typically snack.  If I do snack, it is either fruit, crackers, or chocolate.
Again I think it would be a good fit for the health conscious person who loves to "Graze"
If that is you, you should give Graze a try.

Again here is my YouTube Unboxing.
I would love if you would subscribe.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Unboxing!


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