Remembering the Piedmont Farm Tour "Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm"

Time for the 21st annual Piedmont Farm Tour.  I have been on this tour one other time, and I was excited to check out a few farms this year.  The tour was scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, so we went out both days.  There were 38 farms on the tour.  We were able to visit four of the farms.
  The first farm on our list was a buffalo farm in Roxboro NC.
 As we arrived, we saw a herd of buffalo grazing in an open field.  What an amazing sight.
The storm clouds were moving in as we drove up the road to check in for our adventure.
 We made it to the gazebo just in time as the rain began to pour down.   No worries though they had both food and drink under the shelter.  We enjoyed a buffalo burger while sitting beside a lovely lake.  It ended up being a very peaceful lunch.
 (Caleb wanted nothing to do with the buffalo burger.  He had chips:-)

Caleb and Erica ventured down the trail to get a bit closer to the buffalo.  After this visit, Caleb was able to add the term cow pie to his vocabulary. Although, if I must be entirely accurate in reality it was buffalo pie.

We had a great day at the buffalo farm.  What a unique and lovely place.
Get out and explore.


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