The Aerie Bed and Breakfast in New Bern NC...My Review

I was excited.  I was finally headed to New Bern NC.  I had been planning this trip for some time.  Now, where to stay? I found a Bed and Breakfast that received outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor.  What do I look for in a review? Friendly people, excellent location, and fantastic sheets.  I love luxurious sheets:-)
After a little over a two-hour drive and thanks to my GPS, I arrived at my destination.  (How did we survive without GPS is the big question.  I remember the passenger would be the map reader and instruct the driver in the way they should go and this did not always make for a pleasant trip.)

(Everything in italics is quoted from their website)
 "The historic Street-Ward residence, circa 1882, is home to The Aerie, the premier New Bern, North Carolina bed and breakfast inn and event center. The Aerie features a total of nine well-appointed rooms, each with private bath, modern amenities and tasteful décor that reflect the home’s late-Victorian heritage."
The beautiful rooms at the Aerie are available in two separate locations, the main house and the guest house which is across the street.  My room was in the main house second floor.

Can't wait to see my room.  Up the steps I go.
 My room is called the Magnolia Suite.  The room is lovely and believe me when I say the sheets are amazing:-)
Beautiful tub and shower with, what appeared to be, an antique looking shower head.
I was able to snap photos of a few of the other rooms.  I asked about the room decor and was told it was Victorian in its design.

All guests enjoy a full gourmet breakfast, complimentary soft drinks, bottled water, coffee, and our evening social hour with wine and other refreshments."
The evening social hour was delightful.  It was a perfect evening of sipping wine and meeting new friends.  Be sure and attend if you stay with them.

The dinning room is elegant.

The breakfast is delicious and the service top notch.  Extremely warm and welcoming folks are there to greet you in the morning.  
Yes, I had a great time at the Aerie.  I am a solo traveler and found this to be a good home base for me as I explored the city.  It is close to just about everything, and most places are within walking distance. It was an easy walk to area shops and restaurants.  I could step outside the door and walk around the city to see the lovely churches, historic architecture and Tryon Palace.  
If you are planning a trip to New Bern, I highly recommend the Aerie Bed and Breakfast.  You will love the bed,(the sheets are fantastic), the breakfast, (it's delicious), and the many friendly folks you will meet.
Happy Travels and Adventures!


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