Art In Bloom at the North Carolina Museum of Art 2018

I have heard about the Art in Bloom event held at the NCMA in Raleigh NC, but I have never attended.  Until now, one of my Meetup groups was going, and I jumped at the chance to go with them.
I met up with my group at the museum entrance.  Then with camera in hand, I began my exploration.

Here is how the website describes the event...
"Art in Bloom features more than 50 floral masterpieces created by world-class designers 
inspired by art in the Museum’s collection." 

This was one of my favorites.  
The inspiration was the falcon, I think it is a falcon, could be a hawk, I don't know, 
let's say it's a bird, in the right-hand corner of the photo.
 I did not get photos of all the lovely arrangements but below are some that I captured.  Enjoy:-)

I liked the interpretation below.  The box used for the arrangement was much like the wagon in the painting.  I also could appreciate the flowing orange flowers that depict what appears to be a blanket.  Great work.

I enjoyed my experience at Art In Bloom.  I would like to go again next year and see all the exciting floral interpretations at the museum.  Watch for ticket sales next year if you want to attend.  See you there!
Happy travels and adventures!


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