Book Review "Night of Fire" by Colin Thubron

"Night of Fire"
Author-Colin Thubron
Pages 358

Here is a description from the book back cover,

"A house is burning, threatening the existence of its six tenants—including a failed priest; a naturalist; a neurosurgeon; an invalid dreaming of his anxious boyhood; and their landlord, 
whose relationship to the tenants is both intimate and shadowy. At times, he shares their 
preoccupations and memories. He will also share their fate."

This "Night of Fire" enters the lives of people living as tenants in an aging Victorian home.  I found this story to be more a review of the tenant's life before the night of fire and not so much about the few moments this fire touched their lives.

Does the title describe the book?  Yes, it was most definitely a night of fire.
Could I relate to the characters?  Yes and no. This book is divided into individual stories of a handful of people and their lives before a specific fire. The one thing they have in common is that they are tenants living in the same house. Some of their stories I could connect with and others not so much.
My favorite story within the book was of the Naturalist.  She was my favorite character in the book probably because of her love of butterflies.

How would I rate this book on my scale of 1-5?  I would have to give it a three.
How can I apply this book to my life?  I do not want a night of fire so let's skip that.  I think I will go to the butterfly house in Durham in honor of the naturalist.
New vocabulary word,
Desultory-An adjective meaning "lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm."

My favorite Quote,
(found on page 16)

Happy Reading Everyone!
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