Nana and Caleb's Adventures. The Tree Toss at the Conservators Center

If you read my blog you know I am always on the lookout for a unique adventure.  I enjoy new experiences on my own, but one of my greatest joys is going on adventures with Caleb.  We call them "Nana's and Caleb's Adventures."  We had not been on an adventure outing in some time, and when I saw the Tree Toss advertised at the Conservators Center, I knew we had to go.
You may be asking just what and where is the Conservators Center?  Here is a quote from their website...
"The Conservators Center was founded in 1999 in Mebane, NC. After volunteering and working for other wildlife oriented organizations, Douglas Evans and Mindy Stinner founded the Center as an educational non-profit dedicated to providing a specialized home for select carnivore species. In 2001 the Center relocated onto 45 acres of beautiful, forested land in Caswell County, of which only approximately 10 acres is currently developed. Over the next few years, the site grew to house three tigers and about 25 small wild cats and other small carnivores."
"Today, the Center is home to over 80 animals, and more than 21 species; employs more than a dozen full and part-time individuals; and is a hub of volunteer activity."
Caleb and I jumped in the car and headed to our adventure.  The Annual Tree Toss.
Here is another quote from the event site...
"Tree Toss is a much-anticipated event that has become a tradition for our wild family. Each year, the friendly folks at Cranberry Tree Farm donate their unsold trees to the Center, and we give them to our animals as a special form of holiday enrichment. They love the strong scent of the pine and scratchy textures! If you’ve never seen wild animals receiving holiday trees, presents, and toys, don’t miss this chance.  We want to share this tradition with you. Come join the fun!"
Before the gates opened to the animal enclosures, you are given an opportunity to make a gift them.  They had a selection of boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, glue, and paints. Now it was up to us to create the perfect gift.  Caleb was ready with his skill and imagination, and I had my wine from Iron Gate Winery, so all was well with the world.

Some of the gifts made for the animals...
So where did the gifts end up?  The finished products were collected and distributed among the numerous enclosures.  Caleb and I were excited to see his box in the home of a lion and a white tiger.
I love the wolves.  There were two people in the wolf enclosure.  Caleb asked, "how can you be in there and not get eaten?"  The reply was that first off that Caleb had asked an excellent question and secondly, they had raised both of the wolves since they were pups, three weeks old and because of this the wolves trusted them."
A few other animals...
A leopard enjoying his Christmas ribbon. 

 They had vendors at the event.  The food truck was Porchetta. Caleb and I packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our picnic lunch, so I did not get to experience Porchetta.  I want to in the future; it smelled delicious!  I did partake of some wine from the Winery at Iron Gate Farm.  It was fabulous.  Their winery is on my list of places to visit.  I saw many folks enjoying beer from Mystic Brewing.
What a great event.  What a great place.  What a great experience.  
If you have time check out their website and plan a visit.
Maybe I will see you at the Tree Toss next year.
Happy Travels and Adventures!


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