Shelton Vineyards in Dobson NC

It's fall, my favorite time of year.  Now is an excellent time to travel up to the Blue Ridge Mountains to feel the cool, crisp air and hopefully see the colorful fall leaves.  On our way to our destination, Erica and I decided to stop off at a few of the many wineries in NC.  On the way to Blowing Rock, we took a slight diversion to Shelton Vineyards in Dobson NC
Here is what they say on their website...

"Located in the Yadkin Valley American Viticultural Area, the vineyard shares a similar climate and growing season to that of some of the best wine growing regions in Europe. The vineyard is one of the largest on the East Coast."

One thing I like about Shelton Vineyards is the fact that they have a full-service restaurant. We decided to eat lunch and enjoy some of their delicious wines.  First stop was the Harvest Grill 
 We decide to try their wine flight.  It came out on a tiered display.  Five wines of your choosing.  As they brought the flights out, there were many Oohhs and Aahhs from our fellow diners.  It also sparked lively conversation, and because of that, we made new friends:-)
 I know you are wondering if we finished our flights.  Let's just say Erica was flying a bit higher than I was so I was the driver after our delicious wine adventure.  (She drove for me the next night:-)

Erica and I shared the Grilled Carolina Mountain Trout.  Delicious!

After our dinner, we walked around a portion of the property. 

We went into the wine store.  We did not have time to take the tour.  I have gone on the guided tour before, and I highly recommend it.  I did buy a bottle to take home. 
The wine I chose was the Harvest White; it was my favorite wine in my wine flight.
Get out and try a bottle of wine.
I suggest you try an NC wine!


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