Books: Non-Fiction November-Books to Be Read

Well, it is another month.  The month of November.  I have watched on YouTube where many are designating November as Non-Fiction November.  I decided to do that with my reading list for this month.
Here are the books I have selected based on reviews I have read.  Let's get started.
I did not want to spend a lot of money for Non-Fiction November so I went to one of my favorite discount book sites, The Book Outlet.  When I find a book on The Book Outlet that sounds interesting I consult Amazon and Goodreads for ratings and reviews before I make a decision.  Here are the books I selected.
"The Stowaway"
Laurie Gwen Shapiro

Hillbilly Elegy
J.D. Vance

Captain Bligh Second Chance
Lt George Tobin

The Poisoner's Handbook
Deborah Blum

This of course is my book and yes it is Non-fiction.  
You can check it out on Amazon.

Yes I am going to re-read my own book.  I think reliving the pain will help me as I work on my second book.  It will be my motivator to remind me that many women are going through this pain and maybe I can somehow help them with my second book.
(I do get paid for any books that are sold on Amazon)

I decided to listen to a book on Audible this month.  This book as been described as semi-autobiographical.  That is close enough to non-fiction for me:-)

I would love to know what you plan to read in November.
Did you read any good books in Oct that you would recommend?
Happy Reading Everyone!


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