Food/Recipes: "The Perfect Tomato Sandwich" Plus a link to my Youtube Channel

There is nothing quite like a tomato sandwich in the summertime.  With an endless supply of ripe red tomatoes available, it was time for me to craft a yummy tomato sandwich.
When I was a kid, my mom used to send me to school with a delicious tomato sandwich.  It consisted of white bread, plenty of Hellman's Mayo, cheese, beef bologna, and salt and pepper.  She would pack it my lunch box and send me off to school.  We did not have temp controlled lunch boxes in those days, and so my sandwich would sit in my hot lunch box.  For all those hours before lunch, the sandwich ingredients would slowly meld together to produce a perfect Soggy Tomato Sandwich.  Sooooo good!
I decided to make my sandwich with white bread, tomatoes, Hellman's Mayo, turkey, onion, and cheese and of course salt and pepper.  I made my lovely sandwich and then cut it in half.  I decided to eat the fresh half for lunch and then have the other half for dinner, and by that time it would be soggy.  They were both delicious.
I would love to know how you make your perfect tomato sandwich.
Take Care and Happy Eating!


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