Morning Motivation "Even the Damaged Can Produce Good Fruit"

I can't help but compare these crooked trees to our lives.  We get beat up in so many ways in life.  The causes of pain and confusion are endless.  As we deal with difficulty, it may appear at times that we don't have the strength to go on.   Luckily we have God who walks beside us in our times of most profound need.  Through God's compassion and comfort, we will regain our strength.  No, we may never be the same as we were before our trauma, but we are now better equipped because of it.  We are better equipped to trust God, better equipped to follow the path that God wants us to take, and we are better equipped to help others on the same path.  Yes, we may be a bit worse for the wear, but that will not hinder us from producing beautiful fruit just like the apple tree. 
Thank you, God!


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