Fashion Thoughts-What Should I Wear With My Denim Jacket?

I have a new denim jacket that I love.  

I was thinking the other day about how I should style this new jacket.  I went online looking for suggestions.  Here are just a few of the ideas I found.

Pair your jean jacket with a dress
As you can see I paired it with a summer dress.  
I put it on with a more sophisticated navy dress also and I liked that look as well. 

People thought that wearing a denim jacket with black pants was I good look so I tried it.

I found that folks thought that pairing a denim jacket with white pants and also a striped top looked good.  I happened to have both of those items so I thought I would give it a try.
I had fun styling my denim jacket.  I think the possibilities are endless.
Here is my YouTube Video on this subject.

How do you like to wear your jean jacket? 
I would love to know.
Take Care!


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