Pinterest Home- Colorful Shower Curtain

My guest bathroom was a bit drab.  After falling in love with this photo I found on Pinterest I knew I had to upgrade my guest bathroom.  So I headed off to Home Goods.  Here is the finished product.

I fell in love with this colorful design that I found in Home Goods.  
I believe it was $24.00
I also bought rugs and various bathroom items to complete the look.
I did not realize it had fringe until I opened the package.
A nice touch!

It was fun setting up the counter top.
A few nice touches for  any guests that may arrive.
I found this very nice bottle of soap at Home Goods too. 
There is an empty spot over the toilet so I thought why not take photos of the shower curtain and get buy a print.  I played around with photoshop a bit and this is what I came up with.
Which one do you like?

The elephant that remains in this room is this empty spot.  
I am thinking a stand alone shelf or laddered shelf.
What would you put here?
I have another bathroom that is dull to say the least.  I guess I will be going back to Home Goods:-)
Thanks for joining me for my Pinterest Adventure.
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Take Care 


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