Weekend Reading and Watching "All About Travel" Plus Links to Kathieys World YouTube

The focus this week is on Travel and Savannah. 
I am going to Savannah soon and I wanted to know more about the city.

To Savannah with Love: The Creepy, Cool, Romantic Magic of This Southern City
I know we will be visiting Collins Quarter for Brunch.

The Insiders Guide to Savannah
This is a great guide on things to do in Savannah.

Four Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling
These are all great ideas.  The one I will probably fail at is not getting the "second round"
of drinks.  It is my daughters wedding after all:-)

10 People You Should Never Forget to Tip While Traveling
This is great info on tipping.  I never know who to tip
or how much and this gives some guidelines.



Massive Gator on Savannah Golf Course
Thankfully I will not be going to the golf course:-)

Moon River Brewing Company-Haunted Savannah
We are having my daughter rehearsal dinner at Moon River.
Maybe I will see a ghost!

Visiting Savannah Ga.
Can't wait to visit River Street.

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Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!


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