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A few weeks ago my daughter said: "Mom, we are going to do something fun today and it is a surprise."   I am all for surprises, so I said: "let's go!"  We were nearly in Chapel Hill when she informed me we were going to a cat cafe.  I was really excited, I had never been to one.
Check out their website for more info before you go.
As you can see through the window, there is a small cafe where you can buy gifts, coffee, tea, wine, and other goodies.  Erica and I grabbed a drink and headed into the kitty area.  What fun!
All the cats at the cafe are adoptable, so it is a great place to go if you are considering adopting. 

Cost of the visit is $12.00, and you can book online. 
Reservations are recommended because only a limited 
amount of people can be in the room with the cats.
This reservation gives you an hour with the kitties. 

We met the artist of this beautiful mural...such talent!

Let's meet a few of the kitties we met on our visit.
(They can have up to 12 cats on site at one time)

We have our drinks and the cute little drink cozy.
Erica having fun with the cats:-)
Plenty of seating in the lounge on the second floor.

I love this print in the cafe.
If you are thinking of adopting a forever cat, you should check out Cat Tales.
Maybe this kitty is looking for you...

"What greater gift than the love of a cat."
Charles Dickens

Erica and I had a great time at Cat Tales.
I had posted a photo on Facebook, and two friends of mine went the very next weekend.
I think it will do well and I believe the cats will find a forever family.
Thanks, Cat Tales for all you do.


  1. What a fabulous blog! Thanks so much for the great photos and helping to spread the word. I am so glad you enjoyed your time here! We really appreciate the support, come back soon!!! Sincerely, Katy and Cat Tales


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