Weekend Reading and Watching Links "All About Sleep" Plus Links to my YouTube Channel Kathiey's World.


How to Actually Get 8 Hours of Sleep
I already use many of her ideas,  I don't drink caffeine after 3pm.
I do have a night time routine.  PJ's, warm cozy socks, and a good book.
The white noise is a must, I have two fans humming away.

Is Too Much Sleep Bad For You?
I get about 6-8 hours of sleep a night.
How about you?

10 Best Pillows to choose For a Good Nights Sleep
My favorite pillow is a very old foam pillow.  I know it needs to be thrown away
 but I have not found one to be its equal.

Sleeping Tips and Tricks
One thing I do follow is the cool room advice.   I keep mine at about 66-67 which sadly is difficult to do in the summer.  My best sleep is in the winter.

Best Pillows for your Sleep Position
It sounds like the foam pillow is the right one for me.

Sleeping with Cats
I just could not do it, I would be up all night.

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Stitch Fix Jan 2019

Wantable Style Box
(I am not getting this box again, just not my style.  You may love it:-)

Introverts Retreat Book Box
What a fun box!

Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!


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