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The Cheapest Time of Year to Fly:The Dead Zone
Check out these "dead zone" times.  They are also know as deal zones.

6 Travel and Leisure Editor Designed Dream Trips You Can Book Right Now
I would want to go on the Canada Great Adventure.  Which trip would you choose?

What You Need to Know Before Your First Trip Abroad
This article gives some good advice on what you need to know when traveling abroad.

16 Over-The-Top Hotels Around The World
I would choose #6 in Finland.  What fun, sleeping under the stars and watching the Northern Lights

7 Things to Check Your Hotel Room For The Moment You Walk Inside
I don't do any of these things but I will next time I travel!

How to Know who to Tip When Traveling Internationally
I get confused overtime on how much to tip all the folks we encounter when traveling.

Most Amazing Hotel Rooms
Of all the hotels in this video I would love to stay at Giraffe Manor in Africa.  How about you?

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