Weekend Reading and Watching Dec 6, 2018. Plus Links to my Youtube Channel

This weeks Readings and Watchings are all about...
"Around the House"

As I was reading through the list of things you should never put your dishwasher I realized I had broken the rules on several occasions.  Have you broken any rules and if so which ones?

Some of the suggestions I knew and most I did not.  I am going to try it on Brodie's dog hair problem.  One thing they did mention, but I will try, it is keeping one handy to rub on my hands before I pet Brodie.  This winter I seem to shock him everytime I touch him and I think he is becoming afraid of me:-(

Mine may be to far gone but I will give it a try.

5 Habits that Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner Longer 
The longer the better is my motto!


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The Apostrophe Book Box Unboxing

Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!
Have a wonderful weekend.


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