My Book Box Subscription Box November 2018

My Book Box A Monthly Subscription Book Box

Here is the link below...
My Book Box
(I am an affiliate with Amazon.  If you use the links to purchase an item on 
Amazon I get a small percent with no cost to you, so it is a win win.  
I have no affiliation to My Book Box except that I like the box:-)

The November 2018 box is my second box and I am so excited about what I found inside.  
Check my unboxing out on Youtube just click here- Kathiey's World on YouTube.

The mystery book I received, The Spite Game by Anna Snoekstra 

looks intriguing to me and I am looking forward to reading it.  

My second book was Penguinaut by Marcie Colleen.

Next up I got my cute little sloth socks by "Out of Print"

                 I found them for sale on Amazon too...
You can get the socks for the same price on the Out of Print Website

Here is a quote from My Book Box website...

What is included in MyBookBox?

"Everything you need and nothing you don't!  In each MyBookBox, 2 books are included (one from each of your selected genres).  Most often the children's books will be hardcover and adult books will be paperback. They are always new releases in the U.S. within the past 45 days.  Do not expect to receive the latest New York Times Bestseller, but do expect an amazing read from a talented author.  Each box will also include something special, just for you, and when available, exclusive content for the included book!"

This is a monthly box 39.95/month with free shipping in the US

Here is a screen shot of the genres offered...

 I selected the mystery genre and children's book ages 3-7

Price Breakdown
If you bought everything at list price,
The Spite Game-$15.99
Sloth Socks -$12.00
Total savings of-$6.00

If you bought everything at Amazon
The Spite Game-$10.99
Sloth Socks-$12.00
Loss of $3.12....but is it?
When you think of free shipping and the fact they put everything together such as notes from the authors and bookmarks I believe this box is well worth it.  
The extra touches make it well worth the price.

So would I recommend this box.  
I have to say, yes I would.
Happy Reading Everyone!

(Please comment in the comment box.  
Let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought:-)


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