Weekend Reading and Watching with Links, Plus Links to My YouTube Channel for Nov 16, 2018

This weeks Readings and Watchings are all about...

This sounds really good.  I would give it a try.

I love winter drinks.  I love hot chocolate and peppermint mocha's.
I have a Whole Foods near me so I may just pop in and pick up their peppermint whipped cream.  Yum!

I do have a fish spatula and I use it a lot. 

Living in the south my favorite local store is Harris Teeter, it is my go to store.
They just opened a Publix near me that I need to explore.
My favorite grocery store of all times is Wegman's and
I am excited to say they are coming to my area.
Happy Day


*Food Related Videos*

My YouTube Channel
Kathiey's World
Check the Links below to see the video!

Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!
Have a wonderful weekend.


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