Weekend Reading and Watching with Links, Plus Links to My YouTube Channel

This weeks Readings and Watchings are all about...

I will buy a frozen pizza on occasion.  I have not found any that I love.
Check out this article on 17 frozen pizzas and how they rate.
Which one is your favorite?

After looking at the products I want to try the Dove Chocolate with Marshmallow Creme.

As I was looking over the state to state recipes I saw so many I would love to try.
The one listed for my state, North Carolina is Pork Picadillo Lettuce Wraps.
I think I will try it!

It is good to know that I can feel free to break down a bag of grapes or cherries.
They are usually packed so full and I can never eat them all.


*Food Related Videos*

I am going to give this recipe a try.

This sounds like it may be a bit rich so I would have to tone it down by adding more milk.

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Unboxing Video

Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!
Have a wonderful weekend.



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