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I love the fall, and here in NC the weather is finally changing, and it is beginning to feel like autumn.
Happy Day!
So in staying in sync with the season, I found a pumpkin event I would love to attend.  
I think it is called the Jack O' Lantern Experience and it is in Concord NC.
Are you decorating pumpkins for Halloween?

Do you know the most "Serene Spot" in your state?
Well I have not idea where this spot is in my state but PureWow has it figured out in this article titled
The location for my state of NC is Craggy Gardens.
I will have to put this on my list of places to visit!

When I saw the title of this article "No One Orders Hotel Room Service Anymore-Here's Why"
I thought to myself "But I love room service."

I don't get to fly as much as I would like but even so when I do fly I do not want to annoy my flight attendant.  This article is titled 
Which one are you guilty of?

Related Videos

Check out this short video of the Jack O' Lantern Experience.
I think my grandkids would love this.

The most serene spot in NC is Craggy Gardens, this is according to a site called PureWow.

Here is a very short video on the topic of ordering room service.

Take a moment to watch this video "Lessons from 60 years as a flight attendant".
You will fall in love with Betty, I did.
She is still going strong at 80.

My Unboxings on My Youtube Channel

Vine Oh! unboxing...

I hope you enjoyed my reading and watching links.
Have a great weekend.
Happy Reading and Watching!


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