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Home Articles

 How often do you wash your sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.?  I like to wash my sheets weekly,
but, as for the blankets, let's just say it has been a while.  
The article "How Often to Wash Your Bedding" will give some guidelines.

As I was reading "6 Ways to Make a House a Home" 
I was trying to decide which one I would like to incorporate into my home.
I am going to look for some more throw pillows for the living room.

Fashion Articles

I found an article called  "The Hottest Fall 2018 Shoes".
This proves I am behind in what is fashion forward today because I did not like any of them:-)
How about you?

Have you ever wondered how to describe the perfect jean for you?  There are so many jean styles to choose from, and I never knew the meaning of most of the descriptive terms.  Well, if you have a limited understanding of jean terminology as I do this article is for you.  
"9 Different Types of Jeans for Women-The Style Guide"
There were three different types of jeans that I like for me.
The Skinny, Straight Leg and the Boot Cut Jean would be my go-to for jeans.
Check out the article to get a better understanding of Jean terminology.

*Related Videos*
I have a pair of super skinny jeans that love.  They are super soft and comfy.
I was wondering what is the best shoe to wear with a skinny jean
and, I found the answer in this video.
"Ask a Stitch Fix Stylist:What shoes do I wear with skinny jeans?"

When is the last time you washed your comforter.   
Let's just say for me it has been a couple of years.
I guess it is high time for me to wash all the blankets in the house.  
Here is a video on how to do this at home.
(I guess I will have to buy some tennis balls:-)
"How to Wash Your Comforter at Home"

My Unboxing Videos
Check out my latest unboxing videos.
This is so much fun.
I am working on getting the lighting right but it has proven to be a challenge.
Check out my video here-Flair and Paper Unboxing

Check out my link to Coffee and a Classic Unboxing on my Youtube Channel.
I am now reading To Kill A Mockingbird becasue of this box.
So far I am loving this book.

Here is my YouTube Channel....Kathiey's World

I hope you enjoyed my reading and watching links.
Have a great weekend.
Happy Reading and Watching!


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