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This Weeks Readings are all about 
In this article you will find an interesting overview into The History of Halloween and How It's Different in 2018.  The different traditions and where they originated and how they have changed over the years are explained, such as Trick or Treating, Dressing up for Halloween, Jack-o-Lanterns, and Bobbing for Apples.

Halloween Safety Tips by the ASPCA.  Here you will find a few safety tips for the Halloween season to protect your pet.
Twitter users celebrate the season with their best pumpkin carving images.  Here you will find some photos of carved pumpkins that were shared on Twitter.

This article makes me sad, Halloween-Hating Cities Threaten Teen Trick-or-Treaters with Fines and Jail Time  Let the kids have fun that is how I feel.

Would you stay in a coffin for 30 hours?   I would if the price was right.  Six Flags St Louis Challenges You to Stay in a Coffin For 30 Hours.  Sadly the prize for this time spent in the coffin is not really that appealing so I would not do it.

Halloween Videos
One of my favorite candies of the season is Candy Corn.  Click the link of for a video on the making of  Candy Corn

Dollywood is having its Great Pumpkin Luminights again this year.  Looks like fun!

Here is a clip from "The World's First Horror Movie"  Let's just say film making has changed dramatically over the years:-)

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