Coffee and a Classic Subscription Box Unboxing. What are you reading? *Spoiler Alert*

I don't know how I got away with reading so little of the classics in high school. 
 The only book I remember reading is Call of the Wild by Jack London.
I do love to read, and I am trying to set more time aside to do so.  
I saw an unboxing of this subscription box, 
Coffee and a Classic so I decided to check it out.
You choose a subscription.  There are two subscription options.  
I get the Classic Subscription at 28.99/month. 
It includes a classic book, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, two book-related items, and a bookmark.
You can get the Standard Classic Box which is 39.99/month.  
It has everything the Classic Box has plus a snack and a mug.
You choose a Genre.  The genre options are Classic Literature, 
which is the one I selected, Children's Classics and Classic Non-Fiction.
The quote below was printed on my box.  
Let's open the box.
This insert gives a blurb on the book and lists the items in the box.
A 12x12 canvas pillow cover by
Metal Feather Bookmark from Coffee and a Classic.
Flavors of nuts, apple,and cocoa.
Scout and Finch Enamel Pin from Shiny Apple Studio.
I must admit that when I was doing the unboxing, I could not clearly see the word on the pin.
Now I see it, and I am curious as to the connection of the book with the word ham.
I just googled it, and there was mention of a Ham Suit. 
Halloween costume perhaps?  I have no idea.
The Book
To Kill a Mockingbird.
by Harper Lee
Have you read it?  I have not.
I have a distant memory of seeing the movie or at least parts of it when I was young.
I remember that it a sad story, but I can't recall why.  
When I finish the book, I plan to watch the movie.
My box of goodies.
I would love for you to check out my YouTube Unboxing.
Here is the link Kathiey's World on Youtube.
I would love to know if you have read To Kill a Mockingbird.
Let me know your thoughts.
Happy Reading!
(There are no affiliate links in this post.  I paid for this box myself) 


  1. Replies
    1. I have heard some really good comments on this book. I can't wait to read it. I think I will start tonight. Have your read it?

  2. Yes, I've read this awesome book, the reference to ham, is the costume that Scout was wearing when she was assaulted on the way home from the school..I'll leave out the details 😉

    1. Yes I finished the book and learned all about the ham costume:-) I really enjoyed the book. I watched the movie after and it was good but as usual the movie lacks a lot of the detail you find in the book. Thanks for the comment:-)

  3. Coffee and books! Wow! 2 of my favorite things. I'm juggling between a fitness book and a fictional one. But Im not even half way in both hehehe

    1. I totally understand. I was reading a book a couple of weeks ago and I tried really hard to finish. It was just too difficult for me, not the content but the writing style. I finally gave up and moved on to another one. I am reading the Book Thief now. It is well written and easy to follow. thanks for the comment:-)


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