World Market: My Favorite Place to Buy Wine

I enjoy a nice glass of wine.  To me, it is comfort food right up there with coffee.
I love to visit wineries, enjoy a tasting and take home a bottle of their wine.
There is not always that opportunity to venture off to a winery, and in those times I have a go-to place to stock up on wine, that place is World Market.

Here is a quote from their website.
"Always affordable, our selection of wine, imported beer, champagne, sangria,
 cocktails and aperitifs create the perfect wine night or microbrew barbecue".

The reason I love World Market for wine is that they have a huge selection and they have incredible sales.  You get a discount if you buy six bottles.  I usually end up getting six bottles for around $55.00.  That is a great price. 
I was a member of WineC, and although it was fun to get new and unique wines, I find it much more cost effective to purchase new and unique wines at World Market.
They have a lot of speciality wines....
I don't think I like the label on this one although it would be good for Halloween.

 My girls and I love this wine, Paxis Red Blend.  
Really good!

If you have a World Market and you like wine I suggest you pay them a visit.
Good prices and great selection.
Happy Day!


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