Seasonal Produce in North Carolina for Early September

Seasonal Produce in North Carolina
I found a great site.  It is called Seasonal Food Guide.
You can go on this site plug in state you will find a list of 
fruits and veggies that are in season in you area. 
I have selected four of the many in season in NC that I would like to enjoy in early Sept.

Green Beans-I have plans to make the old fashioned green beans.  You know, the ones that are soft and cooked with bacon.  Yummy!
Zucchini-I am going to attempt to find a zucchini casserole.
Peaches-I may just snack on these.
Apples-I would love to visit an orchard.  In this area you have to head to the mountains where there are many orchards.
Enjoy some seasonal veggies and fruits.
Happy Eathing!


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