Curtain Calls and Wine Wishes Oct 2018

I love the performing arts, and I love wine.  I thought I would look ahead into Sept and find some shows and wine events in my area of North Carolina that I would like to attend.  I wish I could attend every event but as my mom used to say "If wishes were horses then beggars would ride," another quote she used to throw around was "champagne taste on a beer budget."  I can dream though and sometimes dreams do come true.

Curtain Calls

*Sept 28-Oct 14 you can see The Revolutionists at the Raleigh Little Theatre in Raleigh NC
*Oct 7 the NC Symphony is playing "Star Wars, A New Hope" in Raleigh NC
*Oct 16-21 at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh NC you can see"In the Heights"
*Oct 21 at DPAC in Durham NC- Jeremy Camp and Matthew West.

-Wine and Food Wishes
*Oct 13- there is a Wine Cheese and Chocolate Festival in Raleigh NC
*Oct 14 is Sip and Savor A Wine Food and Music Experience at DPAC in Durham NC
*Oct 27-North Carolina Wine Festival in Raleigh NC

I hope you have found some events you would like to attend.  Please check websites for times, prices and ticket options.  
(Since I am only human and flawed at that, I am not responsible for any changed times or typos:-)  
Enjoy the Arts With a Touch of Wine.


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