Crafting: Making a Fall Placemat Pillow. It's Easy!

It is time to decorate for fall.  I thought it would be nice to have some cute fall pillows but the prices on pillows can be crazy high.  I did not want to spend that much, so I went online seeking an alternative to the expensive pillow.  Well, I found the answer.  Making pillows out of placemats.

I watched this video "How to make pillows out of placemats" then I headed to Home Goods and then Hobby Lobby to get the supplies.
I bought a four placemat set at Home Goods for $9.99.
Remember, you have to get the placemats that are double-sided
that way all you have to do is rip the seam and start stuffing.
 You will need fiberfill.  I found one 12 oz bag filled one pillow.  You will also need a seam ripper, thread and a sewing needle.  These items I found at Hobby Lobby.

 Each place matt was double sided.

 I decided to rip the seam where the tag for the pillow was sewn in.  
That way I could get rid of the label. 
 My mom was exceptional at crafting and sewing.  I did not inherit the same skills.  I had no idea what type of hand stitch to use to close the seam.  I searched and found a video on How to sew a hidden stitch.  It takes a bit a practice, but by the third and forth pillow, it was becoming easy.
I really like my pillows.  
My mom would be proud of me.
This is a simple project and takes limited time and skills.
Give it a try.
If you do I would love to hear all about it.
Comment in the comment box below. 
Happy Fall Everyone!

If you would like to create your own placemat pillow and don't want to do any sewing check out this video on How to make a no-sew pillow with placemats.  They use glue instead of thread.


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