Nana and Caleb's Adventures The Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville NC

I became aware of the Lazy 5 Ranch several years ago, and I knew I wanted to take Caleb.  It is drive through or wagon ride through safari park.  
Well, the time had come, Caleb and I were on our way to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville NC.

Here is a quote from their website....
"The Lazy 5 Ranch strives to have a constantly changing environment by adding new exhibits as 
well as increasing the variety of animals seen in the drive through safari areas. 
The purpose of the Lazy 5 Ranch is 
to educate in an entertaining way, as well as provide an excellent environment for the reproduction 
of some of God's most unique creatures." 

It is a bit over a two-hour drive from the Raleigh Durham area.  I enjoyed the journey and Caleb is a fantastic travel companion.  
Be aware that if you go, they only take cash.  So go prepared.  

Caleb is ready with treats for the animals.

I think this handsome creature below is an Eland.
He was our greeter at the entrance to the drive through part of the ranch.
As the front of the car entered, it was overwhelmed by the greeters.  It took us some time to get through the entrance because I was concerned I would bump one with my car. Once we made it through the opening, the animals spread out a bit, and I was less concerned that I would hurt them.
As you can see Caleb made a few new friends.

This guy knew what he wanted, and he wanted food.  
At one point his head came through the window, Caleb screamed, and the food went flying.
Then we laughed and laughed and laughed.
A couple more hungry creatures...

Other animals we spotted on our drive.

You have the option of driving through the park or taking the wagon.
I did enjoy the drive, but in hindsight, I wish I would have taken the wagon.
My car is now filled with animal feed.
There is buffalo drool on the outside of my car.
An adorable goat stood on his hind legs resting his front hoofs on the car, and I could hear the scratches as he slid down the car door. 
Would that deter me from driving through again?  No, because it was such fun.  
I just wanted you to be aware.
As far as the wagon ride.  
You should call in advance to make reservations.  
I tried to do this on several occasions, but there was no answer.
If you go on the wagon, you can concentrate on the animals and not worry about driving.
You still get to feed the animals and have the added treat of getting unclose with the giraffes which is not an option when you drive through.
After driving through the park, we took a break and enjoyed 
some ice cream at a little snack shop that is onsite.
After that, we headed across the parking lot and found some more animals.
In this area of the ranch, you will find some animals in enclosures, 
some beautifully landscaped areas, and a gift shop.
We spend a lot of time with this guy.  He was one of three parrots that seemed to want to talk.
Caleb and I are convinced that they were trying to repeat what we would say.
We had a great time on our adventure at the Lazy 5 Ranch.
I would like to go back.
Next time I think we will take the wagon.
Let me know if you go and what you think.
Happy Travels and Adventures!


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