How Much does the Largest Watermelon Weigh at Watermelon Day at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh North Carolina?

July 26, 2018, is Watermelon Day at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh North Carolina.  I love watermelon and the farmers market so I decided to go.

According to the flyer, the event would include a "Largest Watermelon" contest with cash prizes, free watermelon slices, and recipes, and the NC Watermelon Queen would even be there. 

First off I stopped to enjoy the free watermelon slices that were being handed out to the visitors. The watermelon was sweet and delicious.
I decided to do an informal survey.  I was curious as to who likes to put salt on their watermelon.  Everyone I asked said they enjoyed salt on their watermelon.  I do too.  I wonder if that is a southern thing.  My dad was from TN and loved salt on his watermelon.  My mom was from PA, and she found the idea disgusting. 
I found a quote on Baking Bites as to why some of us like salt on our watermelon.  
"Salt makes watermelon taste sweeter by creating a salty sweet contrast that allows the sweetness of the melon to stand out." 
I had about forty-five minutes until the contest for the largest watermelon began.  With some time to spare I wandered the market in search of watermelon.  I was not disappointed; they were everywhere.
(Playing with photoshop:-)
Local media was on site. 
I will call the guys below the Watermelon Boys.  They did the heavy lifting that was required to get the watermelon from the trucks to the scales.
And the winners are,
First Place-178 lbs.
Second Place-158 lbs.
Third Place-152 lbs.
Fourth Place-145.5 lbs.
The lovely Watermelon Queen with the winning watermelon.
I had a lovely time at the Watermelon Festival.  There was so much to enjoy.
One of my favorite parts of the event was talking with so many local folks.
Everyone was so friendly.
You should check out some of the events at the State Farmers Market.

Happy Travels and Adventures!


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