Exploring North Carolina "Patterson's Mill Country Store" in Durham NC

Exploring North Carolina.
My visit to Patterson's Mill Country Store in Durham North Carolina.

You can see from the sign above that this store was established in 1973.  The feel of the store is one of being founded at least a hundred years ago.  When you go inside you are greeted with antiques, collectibles, old books and memorabilia plus they even have penny candy.

Take a look at all the goodies.

I remember the rotary phones. When I was very young, I recall we even had a party line.  Many times I would pick up the phone to find someone else talking.  The hand crank phone was before my time.  You can find both of these phones at the Country Store. 

Yummy candy.
Maggie would love this doll house!
My Favorite part of the country store is the old pharmacy and turn of the century Dr's office.

I can remember my dad and his many stories about Castor Oil.  He made it sound like Castor Oil could cure just about anything and could be used for punishment too.  He would say just the threat of having to drink the oil made him "straighten up and fly right."
Read more about Castor Oil on Health Line.

After my tour of the inside of the country store, I ventured outside.

There is a lovely old pole barn behind the store.

I enjoyed my visit to the Patterson's Mill Country Store.
It is definitely with the visit.
Happy North Carolina Travels and Adventures!


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