Morning Motivation My Sunday Song; "Hosanna" Brooke Fraser

I enjoy going back to my old posts.  These posts are from a different time and what can feel like a different life.  But it is not a different life; it is my life.  A reminder that God was with me on my journey then and continues to be with me/us today.
In the past, I would publish what I called Sunday Songs.  I worship best through music.  Music touches my heart and soul. This particular post was written back in 2010 and speaks of the loss of my brother David.
I have listened to this song several times as I was preparing to re-share this post.  I had forgotten how much I loved it.  I soaked in the music, and the lyrics of the song and then the video flowed into the bridge, my favorite part.  As the bridge played, I raised my hands closed my eyes and worshiped.
(I think I will listen to it again:-)

Post from 2010
Last night I had a dream about my brother David who died about a year ago.  We were very close, and I miss him deeply.  It was a beautiful dream; we were at the farm where we grew up. It was just Dave and me.
 I don't remember what we were talking about, but it was such a joy to be with him, I remember we were laughing.  It seemed completely real, and then I woke up.  I felt sadness remembering he was gone but also hope in the fact that God loves us. God is in control regardless of what happens around us.
 Each week as I sing with the praise team  I try to find a song that relates to my life.  This week the one that touched my heart was a song by Brooke Fraser"Hosanna."

Thank you God for your love for us.


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