What is on your reading list for March? Kathiey's Reading List March 2018

I love to read.  That being said I don't spend as much time reading as I probably should.  I am trying to spend more time enjoying the written word, and I do have several books on my March reading list.  So, What are my reading goals for March?
When I get up in the morning I put the coffee on.  While I wait for the perfect cup of coffee I take some time for daily devotions.  I am reading Glimpses of God's Grace.
Here is one of Anita's quotes that I like,
"When we choose to follow God, He always goes before us."
 I have three books on my night stand.
Taking Life Not Too Seriously by Maggie Clark.  I did my first book signing with Maggie.  You would love her.
A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman.  I am about a third of the way through this book.  One is a bit grumpy but a man of integrity.
Night of Fire by Colin Thubron.  I just started this book and find it interesting.  A devastating fire has started that will effect the lives of all those living in the rooms of this building.  This book tells the story of the lives of the tenants before this moment in time. I think they are living their last moments. The book thus far has not focused on the fire but more on each ones lives.  But I am not finished yet so that would be a guess:-)
 On my desk...
SEO 2018 by Adam Clarke.  I am learning a lot about SEO and how to use this to my advantage to get my blog noticed.
Make Money Blogging by T. R. Castle.  If that were possible it would be more exciting then winning the lottery.  I have not started this one yet, I will keep you updated.
 Reading about relationships.
Broken: A Pastor's Wife Shares Her Story by Carol Dupre'.  Hey wait, I was a pastor's wife and I too have been broken.  Can't wait to read her story and compare it to mine.
Of course you can always read my book.  My Story My Divorce God's Promise:The Beginning
by KathieyV
Many of these books will probably remain on my April reading list.  I will try to finish at least a few of them.  I better get started.
I would love to hear what you are reading.  
There is a comment box after the post where you can share your thoughts.
Happy Reading Adventures!
(Just to let you know there may be affiliate links in this post.  I say there might be because I am learning to use a new affiliate linking site.  I hope it is working, but I am really not sure.  If you do link to any of the sites I may earn a small percent without any cost to you:-)


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