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Caleb and Nana's Adventures…The Zoo

Off to the zoo with Caleb….

Recipe Review…"Spinach and Tomato Tart by Southern Lady Magazine" Yummy:-)

Spinach and Tomato Tart from Southern Lady Magazine.    I gathered my ingredients and followed the instructions...

Followed the directions

I would give this recipe a 9/10 on my cooking scale.  Fresh and yummy.  I suggest you give it a try.
Happy cooking!

Monday Morning Motivation….Trees

Consider a tree for a moment. As beautiful as trees are to look at, we don't see what goes on underground - as they grow roots. Trees must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and produce their beauty. But we don't see the roots. We just see and enjoy the beauty. In much the same way, what goes on inside of us is like the roots of a tree.
Joyce Meyer

I said to the almond tree, 'Friend, speak to me of God,' and the almond tree blossomed. Nikos Kazantzakis
But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God;  I trust in the loving kindness of God forever and ever Psalm 52:8 Happy Monday!
Enjoy Your World