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Travel ...Airlie Gardens….Wilmington NC

If you ever find yourself in Wilmington NC you must stop by and visit Airlie Gardens.  This was my second visit.  My first visit was in the spring several years ago.  The spring tulips and azaleas were beautiful.  This year my visit was in August.  I guess anytime of year at Airlie is beautiful. Here is a quote from their website… "Life today moves at a fast pace, sometimes too fast to enjoy the old fashioned pleasures of nature. At Airlie Gardens, those simple pleasures can again be yours. Take time to admire azaleas, camellias, stand in the shade of our 467 year old Airlie Oak, or simply sit quietly watching a butterfly float by. Celebrating more than a century of gardens by the sea, our history dates back to 1886. Join us then in a self-guided walking tour of these 67-acres of historical gardens of mighty live oaks, tall pines and lakes which are abundant with colorful wildlife. Airlie Gardens, where history, art and nature come together to create a destination spot for garden …

Monday Morning Motivation

"I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid." John 14:27 Happy Monday Everyone! Enjoy Your World:-)

Common Bonds….

I love this photo I found on Linkedin.  There is such truth in this….
This is amazingly good advice.  I am slowly surrounding myself with people that are in the same boat that I find myself in.  Going through a divorce not of our choosing.  I call us, affectionately, the Throw Away Women.  There is strength, support, encouragement, friendship, renewed hope and faith and even fun to be found in a common bond.  I am thankful!
Surround yourself with many friends.
Enjoy Your World!