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Photography for Beginners….Metering and Exposure Compensation…the basics.

There is a magazine I love, Photography for Beginners.  It is published out of the UK.  I could not afford the $100+ per year cost of the magazine so I bought it as an online publication through Zino.  This magazine breaks everything down so even true beginners can understand, at least mostly understand, or at least have hope of understanding the art of photography.
I like to read through the magazine and choose the things I want to attempt to learn.  I decided to start this months magazine with doing a bit of research on Metering and Exposure Compensation.
Hopefully I can begin to understand metering and exposure compensation by using the above info and of course reading my Nikon D3200 for dummies.  Lets begin….. What does the exposure meter look like?  Photo taken from the web.  I went outside to play with this and found the easiest way for me to use this setting was in the manual mode with autofocus.  Yes I found you can use auto focus in the manual mode.  Happy Day:-) There are a…

A Myrtle Beach Mother's Day….Part 2…Jet Skiing

I was daydreaming of the Myrtle Beach trip Erica and I were getting ready to take.  I thought "we need to do something on the water".  Maybe a kayaking trip?  Maybe a little boat ride?  I found a dolphin tour on a web site.  Not a tour by kayak or by boat, but by jet ski.  Sounded intriguing and Erica said "lets go!".  We called Myrtle Beach Water Sports and made our reservations.
Our GPS had us going all over the place.  Lucky for us they called us and directed us in..Very nice of them.

We put on our life vests, met our guide J. R.  and prepared for instructions…We learned that there are no brakes, that we should keep at least 150 feet between us and the person in front of us, and that if we needed help that we could just blow the whistle provided.  We also learned that if we felt that we were going to lose control that we needed to gun it to at least 30 MPH.  Hmmm, sounded fast to me:-)

So off we went on the inner coastal waterway.  Before I knew it everyone to…

A Myrtle Beach Mothers Day…..Part 1 The hotel and the beach….

I received a phone call from Erica a few days before Mother's Day.  She said lets get away for the weekend. I jumped at the invitation.  So off we went to Myrtle Beach SC for Mother's Day.  We stayed at the Hilton in North Myrtle.  It is a very nice hotel, rooms clean, staff very friendly, nice pools, a restaurant and the beach right outside the door.  I would go back. Here are a few pics from our trip…
The hotel…

The Beach…

The Hotel Grounds…

Thanks Erica for a wonderful Mother's Day.  I had a blast.
Get out and explore.
Enjoy Your World!
More to follow on Myrtle Beach…(Jet skiing, and restaurants:-) Widgets

Polyvore Creations…Springtime Gardening

I really enjoy Polyvore.  It is a site where you find find fashion for both the body the home and the garden.  I decided to create a Springtime Gardening Collage.
So much fun!
I found a bunch of the items on Amazon.  I have ordered the pretty flower pots.  That was about it for the fun shopping budget.  I can't wait to get them:-)
Happy Gardening Everyone.
Enjoy Your World!
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Monday Morning Motivation

Depression.  I have never experienced its awfulness until I was abandoned.  I thought I had been depressed before, but no.  I had no idea.  It encompasses your being.  I still have the physical symptoms that go along with it and it is hard for me to get out of bed in the morning but I keep moving.  Keep giving it to God and keep pushing myself to enjoy the things that used to bring me joy.  That being said I am so blessed and I am happy.  Yes I have to deal with residual effects and I have to deal with an uncertain future but I am finding that I am the norm rather then the exception and many others have the same struggles and worse. So what am I thankful for today? The Nazarene Church in Raleigh that has taken me in and cared for me.  The worship team that has allowed me to sing with them on Sunday Mornings.  The songs are my comfort. I am thankful for friends.  Thankful for prayers. For Gaby my Zumba instructor that keeps me moving.  For the ability to move:-) For the wonderful Mothe…

A-Z NC Adventure "B" is for Belmont, Restaurants, Churches and More. Part 3

This will be my last post on my Belmont adventure.  I was only there for 2 days so I did not see it all but here a few more things I saw and did while I was there.
I went to two restaurants.
I love, love, love Cherubs Cafe.  Probably because of my brother Bruce.
Here is a quote from their site "Holy Angels owns and operates two businesses located on Main Street in downtown Belmont: Cherubs Café and Cherubs Candy Bouquet. In addition to affording our Holy Angels residents and community members the opportunity to learn about each other and socialize in a fun business environment, these important ventures provide for vocational training and meaningful supported employee options. Any profits from sales are used solely to fund the programs and services of Holy Angels."

I was so glad that I was able to visit the Cafe.  Food was good and the service amazing.  Please check it out if you are in Belmont. I did get an appetizer and a glass of wine at  The String Bean just a short walk f…