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Monday Morning Motivation…."I Put My Trust in You Lord"

There are many surprises on our life journey…
     We encounter many good things along life's path but we also encounter the not so good.(Caleb is fine, lucky for him he encounter a plant eating dinosaur:-)
     I am reading a book called Hinds Feet in High Places.  The character Much-Afraid has not had it easy.  On her path her constant companions are Sorrow and Suffering.  She is learning to hold tight to their hands, they are her guides and actually help her on her journey to the High Places.  She can also call on The Shepherd at anytime to assist her on this difficult trail she finds herself on, one she did not necessarily ask for.
Kinda like me.  My constant companions are Overwhelmed and Afraid of the Future, but not to the point of despair.  I still find joy though.  I find it in little Caleb.  I find it in my friends, I find it in God.  I found joy with Erica as we grilled out last weekend and watched TV and sipped wine together.  I found it last week as Cindy and I ran wi…

Monday Morning Motivation…To you Lord I lift up my soul….

I have found, in my transition, that one of the must difficult parts of my day is just getting out of bed.  I could lay there for hours in a strange form of emotional pain.  As I encounter people in my situation, which is almost daily, they too have this problem.
"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.   Show me the way I should go,  for to you I lift up my soul". Psalm 143:8 I thank you for this life Lord even the painful times because it makes me draw closer to you.  Help me to see my life as an adventure regardless of where I find myself.  Help me to see you in every situation. Please show me the way I should go,  for to you Lord  I do lift up my soul.  Amen Happy Monday Everyone.   Enjoy Your World:-)

Faith….My Road to Recovery after Divorce

Running Late today.  No time to post a Monday Morning Motivation so I posted something from my Recovery Blog.  Monday Morning Motivation will follow, just not on Monday and not in the morning:-)

It has not been an easy since I have been put on the path toward divorce.  There are many hurdles.  In the beginning it was the shock and depression and the disbelief of abandonment.  In the months to follow it has been an effort to continue to function as I had before, plus, taking on the added responsibilities that were thrust upon me.  I have what I call "my people".  Lawyers, CPA's, Digital Forensics Specialists, Private Investigators, Bankers.  What a huge help they were to me.  I have my friends that have been so supportive and helpful to me.  What a God sent they have all been.  I have God, who I rely on more then I ever have and I have seen little miracles….Amazing:-)
I have met many women in similar situations.  I come across someone else in my boat nearly every day. I hea…

Speedy Spaghetti and Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil from

I was in the mood to try a new recipe.  This is something I used to do all the time but in my current state it is rare.  Well today I had the urge to cook and I went with it.  I went to one of my cooking resources, Pinterest, and made my selection.
I studied the recipe and gathered my ingredients….
Speedy Spaghetti with Chicken and Fresh Tomato From To make this easy pasta recipe, simply combine cooked spaghetti noodles with chopped cooked chicken, fresh tomato, basil, and goat cheese and toss with olive oil.   Serve with garlic bread for a simple dinner. All You AUGUST 2005 Yield: 4 ServingsCook time:15 MinutesPrep time:10 MinutesCost Per Serving:$2.93 Ingredients 12 ounces uncooked spaghetti2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil1 small onion, finely chopped6 ripe plum tomatoes, seeded and cut in 1/4-inch dice12 ounces cooked boneless chicken, torn in pieces (3 cups)1/2 teaspoon saltFreshly ground black pepper2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil1 (4 to 5 oz.) log fresh goat che…