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Monday Morning Motivation

Several years ago I started a quote journal.  In it I have quotes from pastors, from books, from the bible.
There is a lot of stress in my life right now and I don't feel very creative.  So today for Monday Morning Motivation I decided to take a quote from my little book.  This one seemed to hit home

"Knowing that Jesus is in charge can put you at ease in life's most unsettling situations" One Minute Bible Devotional
As I have been doing since my nightmare began....I again give it to God

"I Will Rise" by Shawn McDonald

Have you ever gone through something that rocks your world?  Something that you just can't handle on your own?  That is what is happening to me now.  I find that getting out of bed in the morning is the most difficult part of my day.  Sometimes I just want to pull the blankets over my head and hide.  With the help of my faith and my friends I have been able to get up each morning and face the day. This morning I was listening to a song that I hope will be true in my life.  Here the lyrics that touched me this morning.....
"Sometimes my heart is on the ground And hope is nowhere to be found And love is a figment I once knew And yet I hold on to what I know is true
Yes, I will rise out of these ashes , rise From this trouble I have found And this rubble on the ground I will rise
Cause He , who is in me Is greater than I will ever be And I will rise, yes, He, who is in me Is greater than I will ever be and I will rise"

A Day on the Lake with Amber. Trying new things...Paddle Boarding

I am so thankful for friends.  There are three things that have kept me grounded, probably saved me from myself and in essence probably saved my life, as I have endured this unexpected and unwanted storm in my life.  Those things are God, prayer and so many friends.  Friends I did not even know I had have stepped up and prayed for me and supported me.  My neighbors have become my friends. Because of God, friends, and prayers I am able to make it through the day.  Because of God, prayers, and my friends I am now strong enough to pray for them and others.  Just receiving a message of support on Facebook or on my phone, an e-mail or phone call mean so much.  I have gotten cards and gifts and hugs. These, literally, get me through the day and make me thankful.
Nearly every invitation I receive I accept because I am trying to recapture joy in my life.  I had gotten an invitation from Amber to go paddle boarding and kayaking with her this past Monday.  I said yes!  What a wonderful day....…

Monday Morning Motivation

Went to the 10:30 church service yesterday.  I headed back to the communion room after service today.  I find that helps to give me peace in my storm.
I am holding onto the lyrics of a song from the worship set.  Not sure of the name of the song or the artist but here are the lyrics I/we can all hold onto in the good and the bad in life....

"We take our burdens lay them down. At the cross where hope is found." I am so thankful for God's love!

Exploring My World....Falls Lake

Who would have thought after 37 years of marriage I would have found myself here, now separated and working my way into an unwanted and unnecessary divorce.  I guess it takes two.  I decided I would join a local divorce and separation support group with the hopes of both support and diversion.  I think I have found both in this group.  Nice people and a range of activities from camping, biking and running to days at the lake and many things in between.  Several weeks ago we went to a local church for a comedy show.  I was only about a month into this mess at the time, and in too much pain to really have fun, but it was nice to get out.
Last week I went with them to Falls Lake for a picnic.  I have lived here all these years and have never been.  It was lovely.
I spent some time sitting out on this dock by myself in thought and prayer.  My attempt at healing.

The lake was really nice.  Someone described the lake as finger lakes..

Sixty people came out for this event and they brought al…

Recipe Review Pasta Salad from Allrecipes Magazine

I think I have cooked maybe 3 things since my nightmare began about 2 months ago.  My norm is to try new recipes every week. I used to find such joy in the attempt to find new recipes.  I no longer find that joy but I will go through the motions in hope of finding joy in the things that I once loved.  I know it will take time.
I think I made this for July 4th.  A pasta recipe I found in a new magazine.
I studied the recipe.....
Awesome Pasta Salad Awesome Pasta Salad Rated:Prep Time: 30 MinutesReady In: 40 MinutesSubmitted By:IrlandesCook Time: 10 MinutesServings: 16 "This pasta salad - made with Provolone, salami, pepperoni, bell peppers, and black olives tossed with fusili pasta and Italian salad dressing - is very easy to make, AND can be prepared in 45 minutes or less." INGREDIENTS: 1 (16 ounce) package fusilli (spiral) pasta 3 cups cherry tomatoes, halved 1/2 pound provolone cheese, cubed (I did not use this, but I should have) 1/2 pound salami, cubed (I used Hard Salami…

Monday Morning Motivation...."Give Thanks"

I am reading a book that a very sweet and caring person gave me.  She knew I was going through a crisis in my life and so she gave me a book that she thought would give me comfort.  It is called "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp.  It kinda reminds me, on a much grander scale, of the way I have always tried to live my life, seeking beauty in the midst of pain.  The chapter I read the other night was on giving thanks in all things through Communion, as Christ did before his death.

Suddenly I had a strong urge to take Communion.  I don't know that I can thank God for this situation but I can give Him this situation.  I was hoping to take Communion at an area Methodist Church on Saturday but I was not able to attend.  So I thought to myself, that's OK,  I can take Communion next week.
Caleb spent the night with me last night.  He is a wonderful diversion from the pain.  We played, we ran, we spun in circles, we ate ice cream.  As I was putting him to bed he kissed me …