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Recipe Review....Helpful Hints from Cuisine At Home Magazine, Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was reading the June 2013 issue of Cuisine At Home Magazine and came across a question from a reader in regard to chocolate chip cookies.  They wanted to know, why, if following the same exact recipe their chocolate chip cookies would turn out differently.  Sometimes they were thin and crispy and other times thick and chewy.  I must say I have wondered that at times myself.  They seem to turn out different every time.
So what was their answer?
It has to do with the temperature of the ingredients, and how the dough is mixed and handled.  So how do you overcome this variable? Their answer, "chill the dough until it is very cold".  This "allows the fat to stay firm to aid in the shape of the cookie and allows the proteins to relax and the liquid to absorb, giving your cookie better texture and flavor"They also suggest making sure that your cookie sheet is at room temp and not hot or you defeat the purpose.
Ok lets give it a try.  I picked up the Toll House Semi-Sweet…

Macro Photography...Kenko Extension Tubes

I was off on Friday so I packed up my camera with my new extension tubes and off I went to Duke Gardens.  I decided to use the 36mm extension tube on my quest for pictures today.  Before I get started I looked on line to see what others had to say and here is what Thom had to say about extension tubes...
"Extension tubes. Basically what the name implies: a hollow tube that fits between the camera and lens. This is similar to allowing the lens to focus further forward (extend, thus the name). I'll cut to the chase: just get the three-piece Kenko set (12, 20, 36), or just the smallest one (12mm). While no longer dirt cheap, the Kenkos are the only tubes that do a decent job of bringing the lens data to the camera."
Here are a few of my shots....

I liked several of the shots I was able to get with extension tube.  My camera did overheat though and I had to give it breaks.  I think this was due to the fact that I had it on auto focus and it was working very had to get a crisp s…

Photography....Kenko Extension Tubes for my Nikon D3200

I love to take close up photos of flowers.  In the photo world I believe this is called Macro Photography. I have gotten some shots that I really love with my Nikon P510 but they did not have the clarity of the photos my daughter could get with her Nikon D5000.  So for Christmas my family surprised me with a Nikon D3200.  I could not wait to get started.   Here is one of my attempts using the basic lens that comes in the kit. Nice shot but lacking clarity.  I could not get as close as I would like without a blur. So how do I get closer to my subject and achieve a crisp clear shot?  There are a few options as I have learned in the one day class I took with Rocky Mountain Photography School.  Here is what RMPS had to say... You could buy close up filters for around $40. The pros are they are inexpensive and lightweight. The cons they are usually low quality so not always an even image and the edges tend to lose their sharpness. They said something about Multi Element Filters but I don&…

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