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Monday Morning Motivation on a Sunday:-)

The church we have been attending was closed today.  They have worked so hard this holiday season that they needed a break.  While I was working in the kitchen today I decided to listen to a podcast of a past sermon.
It was basically on hope and where our hope should be focused.  The pastor said we are all part of a bigger narrative,  not just what we see before us, there is so much more.  God promises that he is making all things new.  That what has been broken or marred will be restored.
He said we all have something we surrender to or give ourselves over to.  It may be emotions, feelings, logic, a philosophy, or we could give ourselves over to God.
I liked his quote  Many times we lose our hope when we "misplace our hope in a circumstance" rather then in God.
Thank you God for the hope we can find in you.
Happy Monday, on a Sunday,  Everyone:-)
Enjoy Your World

Photography Adventures.....Playing with Shutter Speed and Macro

Santa, (Thank you Joe:-),  gave me a beautiful new camera for Christmas.  It is a SLR Nikon D3200.  I am so excited to jump in and get started on my new camera adventure.  I thought I would start with a Meetup Workshop I saw listed on the meetup site.  The Meetup group is called Photography Lessons. The workshop I signed up for was called "I Just Got a New Camera for Christmas, Now What?" Sounded perfect for me!
Several folks met up at Starbucks in Raleigh for this class.  Our instructor, Jim, did a great job teaching us some of the basics.  I learned a bunch but also learned that I have a lot to learn.  He also told us practice, practice.  
I got up this morning ready to go.  I felt that today was a macro day...Here goes....
........My first try was using the Macro Mode on the camera.  It does all the work for you....

Visit with family in Delaware 2012 in pictures:-)

It was our annual trek to DE to see Bruce and the Voshell's before Christmas.  Joe loves to go up and decorate the homestead and I needed to see family and get a hug from Bruce.  So we all went....Joe, me, Stephanie, Josh, Caleb, Erica and Tim....

Off to Ronnie's Market in Smyrna DE...

Now lets visit Fifer Orchard and see what is happening at the Cider Festival....