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Monday Morning Motivation

No matter what your circumstance give it to God.  He is beside us in all things!
Happy Monday!
Enjoy Your World:-)

Exploring My World....Carolina Balloon Festival...2012

Saturday I took a little adventure.  I joined up with a meet up group called The Starship Travel and Social Club to go to the Balloon Festival in Statesville NC.  I met the Starship (bus) at the Home Depot in Durham along with the driver, Capt Curt.  There 39 folks on the bus all headed for our balloon adventure most of us with cameras in hand anticipating many good shots. We had a comfortable bus ride with many friendly people. My bus partner was Molly.  We spent the entire day together. I really enjoyed her company. We arrived around 1pm and had some time to kill before the balloons would inflate and take off.  So what should we do?  Well, Molly and I ate fried food, listened to bands, went to the wine and beer tasting, checked out the booths that sold various balloon style gifts, then we went back to the wine and beer tasting:-)  Here are some pictures of our adventure..
Met up with the Star Ship...found our seats and set off.  Lynn was one of our hosts.  She was wonderful.  She k…

The Elk Herd in NC..2012

I was excited to be visiting the NC mountains during fall leaf season.  We were off to Waynesville NC. Someone had mentioned to Joe that there were Elk in that area.  So I jumped on the Google website to find out.  Yep,  not to far from where we would be staying there is a herd of Elk.  We had read that the best time to view them is dawn or dusk.  Here are some pictures from our experience and some quotes from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park Service Web Site.
We drove a narrow mountain road, Cove Creek Road.  I would say, even though it was meant for 2 lane traffic, that it was far less then a two lane road.  When ever a vehicle came toward us one of us had to move over.  It was a bit unnerving.  I did learn later that this was the easy way up. I guess if you take Rt 32 from Tenn it is really scary.

"Elk once roamed the southern Appalachian mountains and elsewhere in the eastern United States. They were eliminated from the region by over-hunting and loss of habitat. The l…

Recipe Review...Chicken and Noodles with Tarragon and Chives

For Sunday dinner a few weeks back I made Chicken and Noodles with Tarragon and Chives from my new favorite magazine..."Cuisine at Home". Of course I cheated a bit like I always do:-)

I searched the internet for the recipe and found it at a site called Key Ingredient. I studied the recipe..

Ingredients1½cups sliced cremini mushrooms (I didn't have any mushrooms, Joe doesn't like them anyway:-)½cup diced carrot (I used can carrots that I put in at the end)½cup diced celery (I used canned peas. Didn't have any celery, Joe dosen't like celery either:-)½cup diced onion1Tbsp minced garlic (I added 1 tsp of minced garlic)2Tbsp olive oil6cups low sodium chicken broth (I always add more then it calls for)1lb frozen egg noodles such as Reames2cup shredded cooked chicken (I bought the precooked chicken to save time)2Tbsp minced fresh tarragon1Tbsp minced fresh chivessalt and pepper to taste
Directions Sweat mushrooms, onion, carrot, celery and garlic in oil in a large …