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Monday Morning Motivation....

"Agape doesn't love somebody because they're worthy.                             Agape makes them worthy by the strength and power of its love.
Agape doesn't love somebody because they're beautiful. Agape loves in such a way that it makes them beautiful." Rob Bell

" bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair..." Isaiah 61:3 

Happy Monday Everyone.

Restaurant Review...."Los Portales Mexican Restaurant" in Durham NC

It was Tuesday night.  Just one of those after work nights, where I was tired and did not feel at all like cooking.  I called Erica and asked if she wanted to try out a new, to us, restaurant.  The answer was a very quick..."Yes!"  We had walked past this restaurant about a week ago and what piqued our interest was the colorful decor.  Bright and  I zoomed home, picked up Erica and off we "Los Portales Mexican Restaurant"in Durham NC.
I found several meanings for the word Los Portales...."the porches, entrance, doorway, the patios".  Sounds welcoming:-)
Now what does "bienvenidos" mean?
It is spanish for "Welcome".  Very nice greeting on the bench outside their door.
Color and whimsy all around....

Tired after a very long day.  Could only manage a half smile....
Full smile now:-)
Strawberry Margarita.
Very good!
Chips and Salsa...
Even the table had
The Menu was extensive.  I did not get to study the…

Monday Morning Motivation

"My strength in life is I am Yours My soul delights because I am Yours" lyrics by Jesus Culture "The Lord is my strength and my song, He is my savior" Psalm 118:14 Happy Monday Everyone! Enjoy Your World:-)

Recipe Review..."Bruschetta" Kathiey's Version

First off just what is bruschetta?  Lets ask wikipedia....
Bruschetta (Italian pronunciation:brus 'ket a) is an antipasto from central Italy whose origin dates to at least the 15th century. It consists of roasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Variations may include toppings of spicy red pepper, tomato, vegetables, beans, cured meat, and/or cheese; the most popular recipe outside of Italy involves basil, fresh tomato, garlic and onion or mozzarella. Bruschetta is usually served as a snack or appetizer. 
After searching several recipes I decided to make my own version.  I gathered my ingredients....

Tomatoes fresh from the garden...

The deer did get the best of the crop but we managed to 
enjoy a few:-)

Fresh mozzarella cheese...Yum:-)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar,
Salt and Pepper, Loaf of Italian Bread.....(many folks like to use a baguette for their bread of choice but I prefer a softer bread.  Many toast the bread before add…

Caleb our first Grandchild is finally here:-)

July 30th 2011 Caleb arrived.  What a blessing.  A beautiful little boy weighing 7 pounds.  I had the priviledge of spending a week with the little guy and his wonderful parents.  Here a just a few of my hundreds of pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.....
Welcome to our family Caleb.....We love you:-)